El J

The search for work in large formats and materialize them on the walls of the city. Juan Gálvez, it starts in the years that he studied Graphic Design at Playa Ancha University.
The need to explore for a personal style, through drawing, it made a progress through the desire to find symbols, concepts, which facilitate communication and understanding of the relationship between human and nature.
“The experience of drawing generated such an impact that I could never separate myself from it, acquiring it as my trade”.
As time goes by, the mural ceases to be only this aesthetic/anti-aesthetic one, it has redefined me, mutated, becoming  a weapon of diffusion"; with the potential to be located in the place where information is limited, it arrives slower and the social/spiritual problem is greater. The possibility of travelling and painting have consolidated this idea, evidencing the discursive and communicative importance that is within in the diverse contexts.