Andrés Herrera Pagliettini

His painting process persists in the difficult task of coming into contact with emotions.
Starting from a primordial relationship with nature that is collected in its fundamental features, the trace of the stain reconfirms in the workshop the degree of commitment and property with the pictorial act as such. Adrift, with and against the representation of his model, the only certain thing in his landscape paintings is the organization of the pigments and materials on the surface that make them objects.
And after that lie in which we like to lose ourselves, the subsequent interior landscape is kept and protected, because these landscapes are formerly mental topics.
It does not seek the register of the world to confirm its share of reality, but they designate that eminently subjective space where the author concurs in his own transformation.

What is hidden and what is shown in a dynamic that resolves the conditions of emotional vulnerability to which painting exposes us when it becomes the most intimate territory.